When can I get a covid-19 vaccine?

The short answer is: ” we don’t know!” We are getting lots of enquiries asking “when will the Covid-19 vaccine be available?” And at this stage we are unable to provide a definitive answer. The Australian Government is in the process of securing enough doses of the vaccine to immunise the whole population and they expect that most of us will be immunised by the end of October 2021.

The 1a rollout has commenced this week with vaccines being administered to residents in aged care facilities. We expect that quarantine and border workers and frontline health care workers will follow shortly.

The 1b rollout date has not been announced yet. People who are eligible for the 1b rollout are those 80 years and over (followed by those 70-79 years), other health care workers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people >55years, people with underlying medical conditions or disabilities which puts them at risk of complications from Covid-19, critical workers such as defence personnel, police, fire, emergency services and meat processing workers.

If you want to find out when you are eligible for vaccination, please head to the Australian Department of Health’s Vaccine Eligibility Checker.

And keep returning to our website for information as it comes to hand.

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