It's business as usual

We’re still here supporting the community. Along with many other clinics, we are reducing the number of patients coming through our doors by offering telehealth consultations. Medicine by phone! To protect our precious community, we are encouraging patients, who do not need to attend face-to-face appointments, to book a telephone

The Covid-19 Times – What's the difference between quarantine and self-isolation?

The following information has been provided by an article in the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ publication called NewsGP. The authors are Dr Wendy Burton (GP) and Dr Kat McLean (GP) Quarantine You are at risk of having the COVID-19 infection (coronavirus), but not actually known to be infected.

Listen to the ABC Podcasts on coronavirus

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is holding a regular podcast on the everchanging landscape of the coronavirus pandemic. It aims to breakdown the latest news and keep you updated on the most recent research developments. There are a number of episodes available from ‘Do face masks work?’ to ‘What’s the Best

What’s the scoop about flu vaccines?

Our flu vaccines are expected to arrive within the coming weeks – so watch this space! We recommend the ideal time to have your flu vaccine is mid to late April, just before the peak flu season kicks in. There is some great information to be found at The Australian

Coronavirus Testing

The Department of Health have indicated that the only people who need to have coronavirus testing are the following: Patients who have travelled overseas within the last 14 days AND who have developed flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, breathing difficulty or Patients who have developed flu-like symptoms (fever, cough,

Covid-19 Coronavirus and what we are doing at our practice

Everyone is talking about coronavirus and toilet paper – we’re not sure how the two are related, however our concern is the spread of infection. Firstly, if you have traveled overseas (any country) within the last 14 days AND have flu-like symptoms, then you should be tested for coronavirus infection.

Welcome to our new registrar Dr Samantha Harris

Dr Samantha Harris grew up in country Victoria before moving to Melbourne to study a double Arts/Science degree at Monash University. She then completed an honours year in Immunology and continued working in immunology research for the next 10 years. In 2012 Samantha returned to university to pursue a medical

Novel Coronavirus

If you have been to China within the last 3 weeks, and in particular the Hubei Province area, you may have been exposed to the Novel Coronavirus. This also applies if you have been in contact with someone who has visited this area or has been in a health facility

Surviving the current weather

Luckily our area and surrounds have not been directly hit by the recent devastating bushfires. Our hearts go out to those whose lives have been significantly impacted and our thoughts are with you. If you would like to know how to prepare when severe weather conditions are imminent, please visit

Now Available Online – Scripts and Referrals

Online scripts and referrals are temporarily disabled. For repeat prescriptions and referrals, please call us to book a phone consult. (03) 9782 6666 Our new online service for repeat prescriptions and referrals is now open! Click the following links to make a request today!