General Health Services

Your general health and wellbeing is our priority at Carrum Downs Medical Centre. As part of this care we offer a range of treatment and diagnostic services to ensure your path to recovery is swift.

Listed below are just some of the services we provide at our clinic. Please call us to make a booking or enquire today.

ABI doppler

Ambulatory 24 hour blood pressure monitoring

Asthma cycle of care

Chronic disease care plans

Cryotherapy for removal of warts and skin lesions

Diabetes cycle of care

Ear syringing

ECG – electrocardiogram

Family Planning & Contraceptive Advice

Fracture Management

Hearing test – audiogram/tympanogram

Holter monitors – 24 hour ECG

Iron infusions

Mental health care plans

Methotrexate injections – arthritis management

PrEP – pre exposure prophylaxis for the prevention of HIV

Prolia injections – osteoporosis management

Repair of lacerations

SCUBA diving medicals

Skin cancer lesion removals

Sleep apnoea monitoring

Spirometry – lung function test

Vaccines – such as shingles, hepatitis A and B, influenza, pneumonia, typhoid, Q fever and rabies

Veterans care programs

Vitamin B injections

Wound care and management